Each clients needs are different, so an initial chat with the client to find out what they are wanting to achieve is the starting point with designing a kitchen. From here I will prepare a design and fee proposal outlining the work I will do for the client and cost involved.

I like to include my clients in the design process, as it is a very personal and individual part of the home, and this allows people to make choices based on me showing them the advantage of a layout or a product and how it will work best for them. Where applicable I work closely with the architect and other designers.

The final design is influenced by many things. I need to take into consideration the area the kitchen is going in, if it is a new or existing home, the clients desires and how they work in the kitchen, do they entertain , how many like to cook in the kitchen at one time. the size of the house and kitchen, is it for an apartment or a large family home. Budget has a huge influence on design and the final kitchen must be functional as well as aesthetically working with the style of the rest of the home.

From our initial consultation and the clients brief, I prepare concept drawings and ideas, advise and obtain quotes on appliances, colours and material use, lighting, flooring and electrical ideas. Often suggestions on how to make the space work better are discussed, which often lead to alteration to the area, and if applicable, working in consultation with the architect or builder on this one!!!

Once a concept is agreed on, final working drawings and specifications are drawn up. I obtain pricing for the joinery, and appliances as required. And oversee the manufacture and installation of the kitchen from start to completion.

I obtain quotes for the joinery only from Master Joiners and joiners that I have been working with for many years who have proven their workmanship, excellent quality and service. All of these joiners guarantee their workmanship.